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Sun 20 - Fri 25 October 2019 Athens, Greece

Software researchers increasingly take advantage of large software repositories when they design new tools. How do we make such repositories maximally useful for research? In particular, how do we make them more searchable, make interaction scriptable, and ensure that we can run both static and dynamic analyses? Additionally, how do we make the results from tools reproducible, how do we label programs with ground truth, and how do we measure whether a repository is representative of real-world applications? NJR 2019 will be the third workshop in a series that addresses these questions. The goal is for researchers in academia and industry to share new ideas, demonstrate recent tools, and discuss directions for research and development.

Call for Presentations

We welcome presentations on any of the NJR topics, including new ideas, tools, and benchmark suites. We particularly welcome presentations on experiments with large software repositories and on tools for managing experiments with such repositories.