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Sun 20 - Fri 25 October 2019 Athens, Greece

OOPSLA 2019 Distinguished Paper Awards

GPCE 2019 Distinguished Paper Award

DLS Most Notable Paper of 2009

  • Alexander Yermolovich, Christian Wimmer, and Michael Franz
    Optimization of dynamic languages using hierarchical layering of virtual machines

Onward Most Notable Paper of 2009

  • William R. Cook
    On Understanding Data Abstraction, Revisited
    This 2009 Onward! essay compares abstract data types and objects as two forms of data abstraction. In particular, the paper describes many points of differences and similarities between them clearly and comprehensively. The paper is not only most notable for summarizing a long history of discussions, but also for letting many programming language designers reflect on this topic again.

Artifact Evaluation

Distinguished Artifacts

  • A Path to DOT: Formalizing Fully Path-Dependent Types
  • Safer Smart Contract Programming with Scilla
  • Leveraging Rust Types for Modular Specification and Verification
  • Generating a Fluent API with Syntax Checking from an LR Grammar

Distinguished Reviewers

  • Jyothi Vedurada
  • Fabian Muehlboeck
  • Simon Fowler
  • Anthony Canino
  • Gabriel Radanne

Student Research Competition Winners


  1. Samuel Estep
    Gradual Program Analysis
  2. Aaron Lippeveldts
    Linear capabilities for CHERI
  3. Beatriz Souza
    Is Mutation Score a Fair Metric?


  1. Maarten P. Sijm
    Incremental Scannerless Generalized LR Parsing
  2. Dominik Aumayr
    Debugging Support for Multi-paradigm Concurrent Programs
  3. Florian Latifi
    Practical Second Futamura Projection