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Sun 20 - Fri 25 October 2019 Athens, Greece
Tue 22 Oct 2019 15:00 - 15:30 at Abbey - Keynote & Session #3

Applications of real-time systems have grown significantly in both diversity and popularity, and the appetite for real-time software has never been higher. In contrast, the choice of programming languages used to develop such systems has stagnated, mostly limited to decades-old languages, specifically Ada and C/C++, and more recently real-time Java. We posit that the high cost and difficulty of developing new programming languages for real-time systems is the main reason for this mono-culture.

To tackle the lack of diversity, we propose the design of a micro virtual machine on which managed programming languages for real-time systems can be developed. Our design facilitates bringing the advantages of correct managed languages to the real-time domain. We build on a previously published micro virtual machine specification, named Mu, and propose a set of modifications to its abstractions over concurrency and memory management to make it suitable for real-time systems.

The resulting design is a basis for a new micro virtual machine specification we call RTMu, designed as a reliable and efficient foundation for the development of managed languages for real-time systems.

Tue 22 Oct

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14:00 - 15:30
Keynote & Session #3VMIL at Abbey
Keynote 2: Who is afraid of the Turnstile?Keynote
Andreas Rossberg Dfinity Stiftung
Designing a Low-Level Virtual Machine for Implementing Real-Time Managed Languages
Javad Ebrahimian Amiri Australian National University / Data61, Steve Blackburn Australian National University , Tony Hosking Australian National University / Data61, Michael Norrish Data61 at CSIRO, Australia / Australian National University, Australia
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