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Sun 20 - Fri 25 October 2019 Athens, Greece
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Submission Form

Evaluation Criteria

Workshop proposals will be selected based on the quality of the proposal and according to space available. The following questions may be helpful in devising a high-quality proposal:

  1. Are there at least two organizers and do they represent a reasonably varied cross-section of the community close to the topic?
  2. Does the abstract present a compelling case for the importance of the topic area?
  3. Are the goals of the workshop expressed clearly?
  4. Is the topic likely to be attractive to SPLASH attendees?
  5. Does the chosen format encourage a high level of interaction between the participants?
  6. Is a workshop the right forum to address the theme and goals?
  7. Proposals are limited by the available conference rooms. Submissions will only be evaluated if there is space available, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Websites and submissions

  1. All workshops must host their content on conf.researchr.org, which is the content management system that SPLASH is using.

  2. We strongly encourage you to use HotCRP for managing submissions. You do not have to pay or self-host, because the workshop will be sponsored by the ACM.


  1. Friday, August 2, 2019 is the paper/abstract submission deadline for all workshops.

  2. The early registration deadline for SPLASH is tentatively September 14, 2019. Before the SPLASH early registration deadline, all workshops must a) send out accept/reject notifications, and b) publish a draft schedule on the SPLASH website.

  3. For workshops with proceedings published in the ACM Digital Library, September 14, 2019 is the camera-ready deadline. Therefore, you should plan to notify authors several days before this date, so that they have time for revisions.

Give a summary of what the Workshop entails. When accepted, this text will be used as initial description (editable) shown on the track page.
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e.g. Call for Papers/Posters/Tutorials/...
Text of the call for papers/posters/...
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When accepted, this submission deadline will be added as important date, which can later be changed.

What will be the workshop’s format? For example, conference-style talks, round table discussion, panel, etc.

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What is the main purpose of the workshop, its goals, and its relevance to SPLASH?

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How many attendees will the workshop have? Please specify the expected number of attendees, the minimum number of attendees, and the maximum number of attendees (if applicable).

Note that all attendees must register for workshops. Workshops with low attendance may be canceled.

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Will the workshop’s proceedings appear in the ACM Digital Library?

If so,

  1. The proceedings must be peer-reviewed,
  2. The program committee must adhere to the SIGPLAN Diversity Policy; and
  3. The program committee must be approved by the SIGPLAN Executive Committee, as described in the SIGPLAN Diversity Policy.
Select at most 1 option:

Does the workshop have any special requirements? E.g., will it require a specialroom configuration or A/V equipment? All workshops will have a projector available. SPLASH does not record workshop talks.

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Brief biography of workshop chairs. We strongly recommend having at least two co-chairs.

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Who do you anticipate having on the program committee? It is okay if they have not yet been invited.

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Information (e.g. # of submissions and attendees) about previous iterations of the workshop, if any.

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Please email the workshop co-chairs with any questions.